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Hey everyone, in this article we're talking about a new Gmail plugin that

helps you take control of your inbox. With this plugin, 

you can easily block emails from senders that you haven't emailed before. 

That's right - no more annoying newsletters, notifications, or

other distractions clogging up your inbox.

This plugin also allows you to decide exactly what emails should

land in your inbox.

That way, you can make sure you're only seeing the messages

that are important to you.

 Plus, you can even set up filters to automatically separate emails into

different categories. 

That way, you can quickly find the messages that you're looking for.

Overall, this plugin is a great way to take control of your

What is Mailman?

Mailman is an email management tool that protects you from

getting unimportant emails, newsletters, and notifications. 

This plugin gives you the ability to set rules for your inbox.

You can decide when you want emails to land in your inbox and

from which senders

Mailman Features

Mailman comes with some great features which we discuss below:

Do Not Disturb Mode

Feeling overwhelmed and distracted by your emails? Mailman can help.

With Do Not Disturb Mode, you can preset a window of time during

which your emails won’t be delivered.

With Do Not Disturb Mode, you can easily set and forget a designated

time window without worrying about managing your emails.

During these times, no emails will be sent or received,

allowing you to focus on other tasks or enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

You can even adjust the time zone settings to ensure that

your Do Not Disturb periods are aligned with your work schedule.

Have peace of mind knowing that your emails will be held back

until you are ready to read

Delivery Slots

the email delivery tool that helps improve your focus.

We all know how distracting email notifications can be,

especially in the middle of a task or project. But with Mailman,

you can easily customize your email delivery schedule and

have emails delivered to you at specific times of the day.

You can use Mailman to set the maximum number of emails

you want to receive on a daily basis, or you can choose to

have emails delivered to you at regular intervals throughout the day.

You can also customize the times when you want to receive emails,

so you know that the emails you need to address are arriving when

you are at your most productive.

With Mailman, you no longer need to

Block Unimportant Emails

the email management tool that helps you take back control of your inbox.

With just a few clicks, you can block unnecessary emails, newsletters,

notifications, and other distractions that are cluttering your inbox.

Plus, to make sure you never miss an important email,

Mailman sends you a daily digest of all the emails it blocked.

This way, you can quickly scan the list of blocked emails and unblock

any that were blocked in error.

Stop wasting time on emails you don't care about and start focusing on

what's important

VIP List

The VIP List"! We know that there are certain emails you want to see as soon

as they arrive in your inbox. That's why we've created a system that allows

you to add important senders, domains, or keywords to your VIP list.

With this feature, you can bypass our filters and make sure that the

emails you need to see the most will always be at the top of your inbox.

Our VIP list feature is easy to use and can be customized for each user.

All you have to do is log into your account, select the VIP list option, and

start adding the contacts, keywords, and domains you want to prioritize.

You can also set rules for how often you


Why Mailman?

  1. Mailman's Enhanced Messaging Features
  2. Identifying Important Messages
  3. Hiding Unwanted Distractions
  4. Do Not Disturb Mode
  5. Banishing Annoying Senders and Reminders to Follow Up

Mailman plugin Best for: Entrepreneur-curious, C-suite, Solopreneurs

Mailman software working with Gmail, Polymail, Superhuman,

Apple Mail, Spark, and Mailbird.

Mailman Pros and Cons


  1. Easy setup
  2. Block unnecessary emails, notifications, newsletters or senders
  3. Fixed schedule email
  4. Delivery slots
  5. One-time purchase or lifetime deal


  1. Monthly or Yearly Pricing

Mailman lifetime deal $69 on Appsumo

  1. Lifetime Access on Mailman
  2. Do not disturb period
  3. 10 inboxes
  4. Unlimited screening of first-time senders
  5. Pause your inbox
  6. Custom schedule for batched deliveries


In conclusion, Mailman is the perfect solution for small business owners

who is getting overwhelmed by spam emails and faulty unsubscribe links?

With Mailman's easy-to-use features and intuitive interface, users can

easily manage their inboxes and clear out the clutter without having to

worry about unsubscribing from something they never signed up for.

With Mailman, users can easily keep their inboxes organized,

allowing them to focus on important emails and get back to business.

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