How to Create Unlimited Free Business Email? 

free business email address with domain

In this article, I will show you how I got a free business email account or free business email id free of cost from If you are interested to get a free business email address for your business or personal then you are in the right place. You can create unlimited business emails for your business or website. You can receive and send messages using this business email. Just follow my below instruction. 

Anyone can create unlimited free business email

Note: For this, Firstly you have to connect your domain to but you don`t need to Hosting or Cpanel. Basically, we can create a free business email address from the Hosting Cpanel. 

I have purchased only Domain from Hostinger and Added it to 

After connecting your Domain with, Click on the Email tab, Now you can see more two tabs what is: Email Routing and Email Security.

free business email account

Click on the Email Routing tab. You will see a new window. Now add your preference business Email in the custom address and as well as add a Gmail address in the destination folders. (Because when someone message you through your business email then you will receive all the email in your Gmail inbox and be able to send them a message using your business email address)

free custom gmail id

I have added support for my business email address. Now my business email is [email protected]. Also, added my own in the destination folder.

free business email account

Then click on the Create and Continue buttons. Then go to your Gmail email inbox to verify your email address. 

When you will click verify link then It will be redirected you to the Email Routing page. Now scroll bottom of the page so you will see a button called Add Records and Enable. Just click on this button.

email routing

Cloudflare provides us a total of four records Three records MX and One records TXT. 

mx records

Maybe automatically added all the records on Domain Records.

If this is not happening, then please add all the records manually to your domain dashboard.


After that, if you face Non-Cloudflare MX records exist (Code: 2008) this problem. 

records problem

Then remove 3 records from your Domain dashboard that tells you Cloudflare.

Still, if you face the same problem then add the 4 records to your Cloudflare DNS records. Which is automatically added to your Cloudflare DNS area. 

cloudflare records

How to send messages using this business email?

In this step, I will show you how to prepare your business email for sending messages to others.

Step one: Log in to your Gmail account then click on the setting-click on the see all settings 

step one

Step two: Click on Accounts and Imports then click Add another email address.

step two

Now it will show a popup window. Here you will add your business email then click on the next button and it will show another popup window. Here you have to enter SMTP Server, Username, and Password.

Now you need to generate a password from your google account. So at this moment, minimize this popup or page. then go to your google account.

gmail step four

Basically, To generate the password, you need to go to your google account and then click on the security tab. Now find the app password option then click on the app password text button. It will take you to another page for generating the password.

gmail step five

Now you will select another option from the dropdown menu. Here you will write anything like business email or other texts and click on the generate button.

gmail step six

In just a few seconds, It will automatically generate a password for you then copy it from here and paste it to your SMTP server page.

gmail step seven

On this page, you will add SMTP Server:

Username: your email address


final step

Above the password field, just paste it to your generated password.

Now you are done.

Final Word:

If you face any problems creating business email free just let me know, and I will help you to get your business email address. And if this information helps you then leave a comment to inspire me.